Digital Technology Committee



At digital leaders we are in charge of checking that the laptops are in order every week, checking that they are all there and we have the right laptop numbers.

This year, we informed the classes about the google documents new features and Read & Write.

Read and write is a software that is used for spelling, grammar and reading. Read and write pronounces words if the user is struggling.

The school now has 45 new iPads, the iPads include learning apps, such as sumdog, geometry apps, showme, hopscotch, coding apps and many other games involving maths. Jamieson and Liam did a great job with being in charge of putting on the new cases for the iPads.

Mrs.Wigham helped us set up the school website, which incorporates all the information for the school, such as; lunches, news, teachers, uniform, important events, achievements, rights and more. The website is open to the public. We have shared the news about the website and school twitter with all the classes to encourage their parents to go on more.

I hope this writing will inform you about our jobs and what we’ve done this term.

The digital leaders – Written by Jake