Parent Council

Our school has a very active parent council who get involved in various aspects of school life. Our goal is to support our children through an active, positive, and effective partnership with the school.

We are constantly working to create opportunities and encourage parents to get involved in school life and supports the school through the work of our sub-committees. We currently have subcommittees focused on the cost of the school day, road safety, gardening, playground improvements & maintenance projects.

Each committee has its own meetings, whilst we also have regular central Parent Council meetings which include the school’s management team. Meetings take place 5 x per year and are advertised via facebook, group call and class rep emails.

Committees are open to all parents and carers and we’d love to get more parents involved, so if you’d like to help make Ferryhill the best it can be, please join us.

What is a Parent Council?

Parent Councils are a Scottish government initiative to promote parental involvement. Our PC was established in accordance with the 2006 Parental Involvement Act.  The act recognises that in order for children to realise their full potential, schools should welcome the views of the parent forum and encourage parental involvement.

The Parent Council consists of a team of up to 20 people, elected from the parent forum (all parents in the school.) Subcommittees consist of at least one Parent Council representative.

Get in Touch

We communicate with parents via meetings, the notice board, class rep emails, newsletters,  and – most frequently- via our facebook page, the Parent Forum. Please join us there!

The current Parent Council administrators are Angela Wigham (chair), Derrick Reid (treasurer and acting vice chair) and Anne-Sophie Cyteval (secretary). If you have any questions, initiatives or ideas, you can contact us via email.