Health promoting

For young people to contribute effectively, learn successfully, and become confident and responsible people, they need to enjoy their school work, the company of their fellow pupils and have positive relationships with the adults around them.

In our Associated School Group (ASG), we aim to promote wellbeing through:

  • Supporting youngsters appropriately in relation to the Wellbeing indicators
  • Providing opportunities for youngster to participate in activities
  • Positive learning conversations setting challenges which pupils can meet
  • Listening to the views of pupils, parents and staff
  • Partnership working with other agencies to ensure positive outcomes and destinations for our youngsters
  • Promoting positive behaviours and attitudes
  • Celebrating success and recognising achievement

Taking account of our aims we endeavour to:

  • Provide at least two hours of physical activity per week for all children.
  • Review and evaluate existing health promoting activities on a regular basis with relevant parties.
  • In all activities to provide an environment which minimises health and safety risks.
  • Provide programmes which address major public health and safety concerns.
  • Ensure activities are appropriate to the needs and development stage of the children.
  • Maintain active links with the school’s parent community and external agencies